Christina’s goal is to live the most fulfilling life possible. She hopes to help as many people as possible with battling and preventing mental illness and live a life with no regrets.

That is my biography that you’ll find in the pageant program. But what does having no regrets have to do with my platform and why is it so important that’s it’s in my bio at a national pageant?

Well, when I speak of living a life with no regrets I mainly speak of not regretting battling with a mental illness. First things first, developing a mental illness is not s choice, the inner demons are not someone would ever chose to attempt to take on. If you don’t choose something you can not control it, therefore it’s not possible to be able to regret. However, where I find regret possible (and common) when it comes to mental illness is regretting seeking treatment. Myself and many other sufferers I’ve spoken with frequently question getting help, fixing the problem, and most popularly, losing control.

But let me tell you, choosing to recover, to get better is not a fight to regret. Matter of fact is it is something to be so proud of, something to share and flaunt, recovering is a win in life. How could you ever regret enabling yourself to have a happy, healthy, normal life? You can’t deny yourself those rights that we in Canada are blessed to have, and you definitely can’t regret making choices that make that possible.

Like I’ve said so many times before, recovery, like most things in life will not be easy. There’s ups and downs and times that are tougher than others, there will be tears and you may contemplate giving up, but you will stay strong, defeat your demons and be victorious, winning a life free from dark, control thoughts, what I want refer to as mental demons. There is no shame. No shame in mental illness, no regrets. No shame in talking about mental illness, no shame for trying to recover, and even no shame in relapsing. These aren’t shameful things, nothing to regret. More so, they are life lessons, as the saying goes “one door closes another door opens.” We gain experience, wisdom and knowledge, and we must keep moving forward, trying our best and bettering ourselves from our past endeavours, not regretting them.

By choosing to focus on the positives like I’ve explained I feel that, at least for myself, it’s easier to improve and focus on what matters, like your health treating others the way you’d like to be treated and serving others, I believe living a positive life makes it easier to regret less, therefore there is less stress and pressure, it’s easier to thrive, and a healthy state of mind is so much more attainable!

Written by: Christina
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