WE GRADUATED! My twin brother, Luke and I graduated grade 12 two weeks ago, I graduated with honours and Luke graduated with, well…he graduated.

Anyways, I felt this was an interesting topic because originally I planned to take a year off from school, after taking 2 summer courses last year and being in the hospital at the beginning of las school year, I thought I needed a break and sometime to determine what I really wanted to persuade an education in. However, having two spares each semester in grade 12 I learned that maybe more of break from school was the last thing I needed. Being like a part time student, I was lonely quite a bit, I didn’t feel like I was a part of the school and didn’t feel like a normal kid my age, I knew I couldn’t do that for another year.

The problem wasn’t that I was dead set on taking a year off, but I really flipped and flopped between what I wanted to do as a career. As a young woman with so many diverse interests and the desire to help as many people as possible, I had a hard time committing to one area of work, and service. Architect, sports broadcaster/reporter, early childhood educator, teacher, chef, dietician, interior designer, restaurant owner, store owner…I wanted to do it all! But of course that’s not possible! So I thought a year off would help me “find myself,” yet consciously, I knew I had to get out there and be with people my age, so I applied to 5 colleges for 5 separate programs and was shocked when I was accepted to every one within 2 days!

Throughout high school I was encouraged by both educators and my parents that my grades and work ethics are no doubt university level, however I personally felt that the hand on approach of college was more attractive to me, I also loved how in just a couple years of college you can earn your degree or certificate and be on your way to your career. Now that’s not to say that investing the extra time in university isn’t worth it, but I feel like after what I’ve been through, I’ve had to grow up pretty quickly so I’m ready to be some a business professional a bit sooner, in my opinion.

So here’s what (I’d assume) you’ve all been waiting for! I actually accepted my offer to Mohawk College for small business & entreprenuership. It’s a one year degree and it was the top of my list because not only is it just one year, but it’s knowledge that is applicable in so many aspects of life, no matter what you do and plus ever since I was little I’ve always dreamt of owning my own business, so naturally since I love fashion and have been encouraged to get into the fashion industry (not just as a model) I figured this course would help me start my own boutique clothing store, a platform to share my own personal style!

What’s great about this 1 year program is that while I’m still able to learn, expand, and get ready to jump into the business world, I also have the opportunity to use this as a learning year and possibly go back to school next year or in the near future if my heart tells me to go for another passion!

I am so blessed with my parents love, support, the word lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about the encouragement from my parents, allowing me to go back to school if I find another passion and offering to help me start up my future business! I hav so much to look forward to thanks to them and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

Grade 12 graduation with my little sister, Daniella!

Grade 12 graduation with my little sister, Daniella!

With my twin brother, Luke, after we received our grade 12 diplomas!

With my twin brother, Luke, after we received our grade 12 diplomas!

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