Surprisingly being ready to go at 8’oclock (in the morning) wasn’t at all a struggle for me today, but don’t tell my mom that! Perhaps I was so eager to get the day started because I knew I’d be receiving the real princess treatment! Since today was our day for our individual photo & video shoots we got our hair & make-up professionally done, which is always so glamorous and a of-esteem boosting, so huge thank you to my hairstylist today, Amy and my makeup artist today, Laurie! They did better than I ever could’ve dreamed and imagined and I hope they’ll be available for me on pageant days (Friday & Sunday) this week!

So shortly after (a much needed) breakfast I was ushered up to hair & make-up and after about an hour I was ready to go! I threw my two-piece cocktail dress on and made my way to my photoshoot. The photographer was great, he was so energetic and had unique, intuitive poses for me to do it that I felt really suit myself and my personality, so that shoot was definitely a good kind of boost to start off with!

All done up for the shoots today!

All done up for the shoots today!

Next up was my video shoot! Being given questions to chose from & plan last night I opted for questions that I could answer that would give viewers the best kind of snapshot of myself, my personality, and what I’m about. I definitely didn’t want to give short answers or keep it simple, because that’s just not me. So as a result and I. Even though I had my well thought out answers “memorized” the excitement made me needed take a second to breath, think, and re-focus on speaking my heart, not like a robot. And in true Christina I did blow a kiss when I was supposed to be “flirting with the camera” which apparently we couldn’t do, although I’m sure it still looked cute (haha!)

After that I got to finish my third blog assignment, which was SO relieving because we are being scored for it and it’s nice to have time to put my full effort into something rather than do it last minute and consequence quality! I highly suggest going to check out my blog post from our sponsor party on opening night!

After lunch those of us who’d finished our shoots headed to our first rehearsal with Shaun and Hollywood. I was using my photoshoot heels, not my evening gown heels so they were quite uncomfortable & big but it was good to get some walking done! I was so insecure about my dancing but I kept reassuring myself “don’t compare yourself to others, you’re just learning the motions you’ll polish it and look fine, and of course smile!” I’m thankful that when we practice Wednesday I’ll have my proper shoes, gel insoles for them, and I’ll have my head 100% in it, not focused on my dance skills or those of others!

Finally, my roommate Sam & I were happy we got back to our room in time after dinner to catch some of tonight’s new episode of the bachelorette, a good way to ease us from the stress, worries, and anxiety that I (and I’m sure many other delegates) have felt so far!

Can’t wait to find out what’s in store for us tomorrow, as we will be notified momentarily, I’m sure there’s some awesome activities coming our way (including a visit to Navugo, one of the pageant’s sponsors) and I can’t wait to update y’all on my pageant week adventures again!

Have a good night everyone and please don’t forget to vote for me unde finalists on

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    congrats on having such a big audience and for composing the simple elegance of that mirror selfie

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