Mac Miracle Kids events have been some of the appearances I’ve made so far in my reign. Mac kids walk & wheel, Mac Miracle Kids Plane Pull, Bell Media Meet & Great, McMaster Medical Team Reunion, and my documentary by McMaster on my story, just to name a few. These events have a special meaning to me because I am a guest of honour at them, not only because of my title but because of my journey.
I became a McMaster Children’s Hospital, also known as a Mac Miracle Kid shortly after being crowned Miss Teenage Burlington. The hospital had been searching for quite a while for a young patient who was willing to openly share their story about being treated at McMaster for a mental illness, to promote the hospital’s emasculate caring teams but more importantly to inspire and promote others to seek help and assure them that recovery, especially when done at McMaster is not only possible, but also gives you the potential to thrive.
Even if I wasn’t given the opportunity to share me story to the depths that I have, I would’ve said yes because all I’ve ever wanted to do is help others with whatever they’re dealing with. However, McMaster pulled out all the stops for me, I’ve been able to share my full story and educate hundreds, if not thousands of people so far on eating disorders, mental health and bullying, all thanks to Mac. Proud doesn’t begin to describe what I feel as I more than fulfilled the promise I made at provincials when I said and wrote if given a title I would work to publicly promote and educate as many people as possible on my platform.
Being an advocate for mental illness who has lived through my own as well as a loved one’s mental illness, I consider myself to be blessed that I can now connect to those suffering on a much deeper level. I’m the first one to tell you no one will ever quite understand the thoughts and disconnect a mental illness patient battles constantly until they live it themself. So I’d like to say a huge thank you again to McMaster Children’s Hospital for naming me a Mac Miracle Kid and I can’t wait to continue working with you all, I’ll never be able to fully express how thankful I am that I’ve been given multiple opportunities to not only advocate but also relate with others and be a symbol of hope and prosperity. Recovery is possible and was all thanks to McMaster Children’s Hospital. Thank you!

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